Delivering World-Class Software Engineering

Delivering World Class Software Engineering
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Application of Blockchain Technology

Want to know more about Blockchain Technology and its potential impact on your business and operations? It’s the technology behind Smart contracts, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and more.

Ramesh Nair is presenting the event LIVE from UK Saturday, 14th April 2018 at Craft Turf, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a former member of the Ethereum Foundation Team with deep technical knowledge and expertise on the use of Blockchain to create “Internet of value” for your business.


JavaScript is fast becoming the de-facto web standard language. It’s a highly flexible and dynamic language that facilitates modern agile-based methodology to deliver high quality software.

We work with popular frontend libraries such as React and Redux to deliver reusable and robust user interface components. The key benefits are:

  • ROI: component-based architecture of React encourages reusability throughout your organization
  • TTM: the ubiquity and widespread adoption of JavaScript ensures you can scale your Team to meet critical marketing deadlines
  • Low TCO: benefit from smaller, agile teams that can work on both the front and backend system using one language; JavaScript

Node.js delivers is a highly performant, fast, and scalable backend application suitable for high traffic websites. These are just some of the key highlights of Node:

  • Performance: the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model along with a single-threaded event loop allows high throughput and scalability. This means more of your customers can browse your website without experiencing slow loading pages.
  • SEO: guarantees search engine compatibility of your single-page applications using isomorphic server-side rendering

Managing in-house dedicated servers can be a daunting task even for well resourced organizations. Streamline your deployment and management of your servers and reduce sleepless nights. The key benefits are:

  • Low TCO: through cloud resource sharing, you can significantly reduce cost of maintenance
  • Agility: with containers, you can deploy your services on any provider without being locked down to a single vendor.
  • Scalability: no more slow and unresponsive site during those peak periods. Simply auto-scale to match the increase in your site’s traffic.

Our Team

Abiodun Abdul

Founder / Snr Software Engineer

An experienced Software Engineer with over thirteen years of engineering, leadership, and mentoring experience in London, UK. He has delivered projects for highly regarded European startups, established organizations, and UK Government agencies.

Ebenezer Abolarin

Business Development Manager

Ebenezer Abolarin is an Economist with over 8 years professional Banking experience with GTBank. And has also worked with FMCG. He is the Business Development Manager at Craft Turf.


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